Who We Are

Adams & Sutherland is an award-winning, architectural consultancy with wide experience in delivering successful buildings and public spaces.  Our projects bring together architecture, landscape and urban design to create meaningful environments and uplifting spaces in which people can live, work and travel through.

We are keenly interested in the specific qualities of a place, its physical, historic, economic and cultural realities and believe that through careful observation, understanding and considered response to what we find, we can develop intelligent strategies to make inventive, delightful places that function well but exceed expectation. We have experience in conservation practice and listed buildings, and inevitably much of our work takes place within complex existing conditions.

Founded by Elizabeth Adams and Graeme Sutherland, the practice has a commitment to working largely in the public realm, on projects with social relevance, and which also have a wide reach. We believe that there are opportunities and richness to be found within constraints and the complexity of multi-stakeholder organisations. Our tenacious approach has been applied to projects ranging from local masterplans, new landscapes, parks and neighbourhood spaces to residential, educational, community and arts buildings, with clients ranging from local boroughs, regeneration agencies, developers and schools to community organisations.



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