We are an award-winning, architectural and urban design consultancy based in London

who are deeply interested in the potential to be found within the process of repair, adjustment and transformation of existing buildings, public spaces and difficult or unloved corners of the city

Our wide experience in delivering successful buildings and public spaces, brings together our love of architecture, landscape and urban design to consider the quality and character of a whole place, including territory around and between buildings, as well as their interiors and built envelope. We seek to create places which are meaningful and uplifting, and which resonate with the people who live, work and travel through them.

We believe it is critical to understand the specific qualities of a place, the physical, economic and cultural realities, so that careful observation can inform intelligent strategies for delightful places that function well but exceed expectation.

We take seriously our commitment to sustainable design and the need to adopt a response to the climate emergency. We have to be ready to build any new building as Net Zero but as advocates of a no demolition approach, are also committed to the complex challenge of transforming existing structures to the same high standard.