Margaret Macmillan Children's Centre and Nursery

This beacon status nursery had struggled for many years with a site split across two buildings and levels, with no internal link. This project was an opportunity to extend and consolidate their provision.

The two existing buildings represented very different architectural approaches; a simple, poorly insulated but light-filled modular building from the 1960’s and a complex, overwrought and visually unsettling octagonal 1980’s building, with exposed timber structure and pitched roofs. 

The new building extends the clarity of the earlier building, straddling the sloping site to create a confident, welcoming presence to the road, and physically link the sites. Nursery areas are extended into a top lit generous space, and the new highly insulated envelope provides a new layer of protection to the existing. Translucent internal walls, and coloured floors bring clarity and light into the deep plan

Phase 2 refurbished the lower 1980's building, upgrading performance and reconfiguring the spaces to introduce a calm visual and spatial legibility.

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  1. Client: London Borough of Islington
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