Hackney Shopfronts

Thirty two new shop fronts for independent businesses in Hackney Town centre to support individuality and character of local businesses and strengthen economic resilience.

With new big brand fashion outlets threatening to undermine the confidence of existing businesses in Hackney Central, funding was achieved to carry out a series of shop and shopfront improvements from the Mayor’s Fund Town Centre Regeneration Initiative.

Many of Hackney’s highly individualist businesses were coping with properties in poor condition, and a bespoke, inventive approach to each shop was required, drawing out the particular character of each business. 

We curated additional designers and graphic designers to widen the design options, with Imaginary Rock notably providing the inspiration for Wally Herbert’s golden fishtailed roof.

Hackney Shop Fronts 6 tif
Hackney Shop Fronts 7
hackney Shop Fronts 2
Hackney Shop Fronts 3
Hackney Shop Fronts 4
Hackney Shop Fronts 5
  1. Client: London Borough of Hackney
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