Great Suffolk Street

Great Suffolk Street between Tate Modern and Borough High St, retains a powerful historic character. Recent change including Tate modern and development of the Shard and London Bridge has increased footfall, amplifying the need for an upgraded, coherent public realm.

This street, dominated by traffic, was nevertheless a key pedestrian and cycling route where the recalibration of public realm to prioritise pedestrian users had become critical. Our priority was to achieve this whilst reinforcing the street’s identity and character.

In response to the episodic nature of the street a sequence of spatial and landscape moments were created, adjusting the public realm to encourage additional activity and outdoor life to flourish. A parade of shops is given space to breathe, and the area outside the White Hart pub gains seating and calmer, wider space around new planting. Biodiversity is enhanced with fragments
of green infrastructure. Direct consultation with local residents and businesses informed our proposals.

Awards & Publications

  1. Winner: Building Design Public Realm Architect of the Year
Great Suffolk Street 01
Great Suffolk Street 03
Great Suffolk Street 02
Great Suffolk Street 04
  1. Client: London Borough of Southwark
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