Gallions to the Thames 2

This new riverside space at Armada Green created the only place in Beckton with public access to the side of the Thames. An open,calm and almost empty space from which to contemplate river, skies, birdlife and passing river traffic.

From the new square at Gallions Reach, a new pedestrian route along Armada Way leads to Armada Green, situated at a dramatic turn in the Thames providing somewhere to enjoy the scale, silence and wildlife of the river.

The ground level was radically re-formed into a new topography, to include a hollow of green space and planting, and a hard surface that is raised to provide expansive views across the Thames. Timber sleepers found on the site were inlaid into the river-like ground like drifting logs and used to enclose a new electricity sub-station.

04 benches water reflections
10 04 sub station looking east bw
03 substation detail
10 04 substation view nw 2
Gallions to the Thames aerial David Copeman
10 08 RoyalAlbertBasin biker birdwatchers07
  1. Client: London Development Agency
  2. Related projects: Olympic Greenway, Gallions Reach