Cronton Colliery Masterplan

This shortlisted competition entry for a former colliery considers interventions for creating a new visitor destination within a dramatic former industrial landscape.

The site is an enclave of wildness surrounded by cultivated land. The strong sense of place results from the three historic landscape layers; country estate, coal mining, and remediation. Our proposals add a legible new overlay of activity located within and amplifying the found conditions of this hidden territory. 

A series of clear rooms or spaces are proposed, to ‘furnish’ the existing landscape, creating special interiors to a larger more understated space. Contrasting treatments are applied; a distinct materiality, species, colour or
spatial quality, and new habitats of marsh, hill, wood created. 

This enhancement of what already exists combined with more concentrated interventions, is sustainable, economic and easily phased.

A beautifully presented and compelling proposal, based on an imaginative reading of the traces of history in the existing landscape overlaid with a new landscaped ‘layer’ of carefully placed new activities

Competition Jury Report 2012
cronton 03
cronton 01
7 Cronton model
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6 Cronton
  1. Client: The Land Trust
  2. Related projects: Arc House, Tottenham Green, Will Adams Centre