Brecknock Children's Centre, outdoor learning and reception

The conversion of the ground floor and external spaces of a magnificent late-Victorian board school to create new family facilities and outdoor learning environment.

The run-down ground floor which had housed a defunct swimming pool and facilities was reorganised into a welcoming and colourful school reception and children’s centre. The changes, whilst improving school security and legibility added family facilities, a crèche, and health and counselling services.

The new entrance accommodates exhibitions, and the book corner is organised around large scale furniture pieces, providing colour and warmth. Careful restoration of original joinery details and Victorian tile work were undertaken

The reconfigured playgrounds make an outdoor learning environment with a stage and new planting, painted ground and an orchard.

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  1. Client: London Borough of Camden & Brecknock Primary School
  2. Stage: Built
  3. Related projects: Migrants Resource Centre