Beckton Loop - Riverfront Access and landscape strategy

A landscape strategy to open
 up access to the Thames riverfront in East Beckton and create urban parkland from estuarine and semi-industrial landscapes adjacent to the Thames.

These strategic proposals are located at Gallions Reach where the river Thames widens and turns on its way to the sea. A landscape, rich with history, industry and activity is celebrated in the proposed loop of open space wrapping around Beckton Sewage Works and along the Thames and the Roding rivers. The design approach is focussed on capturing and amplifying existing qualities and revealing the unique ecology of Barking Creek through new open spaces, public footpaths and cycle networks for an emerging neighbourhood.

Thirteen discrete projects were scoped , to create a coherent whole. Complex negotiations, with an emphasis on access, site security, maintenance, river edge protection and funding, were undertaken with stakeholders, landowners and their consultants.

Their talent for negotiation through design has taken the Beckton Loop from a simple idea to a flexible, sensitive masterplan that enhances an area of over 30 hectares; from a proposal with little support, in local government or the private sector, to a strategic plan that integrates the needs of multiple stakeholders into a coherent whole’

Matthew Murphy
WR sewage works path
Beckton Loop
skater bridge
  1. Client: Design for London
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