Bartlett Park Masterplan

This feasibility study for Bartlett Park in Poplar near the famous Lansbury Estate, proposed an extended and reworked landscape.

The existing park was vulnerable to erosion from the significant adjacent residential redevelopment. The master plan was an opportunity to reconsider and make explicit the character of the park and identify what facilities were needed, whilst giving definition to an existing incoherent open space, in time to seize opportunities offered by the development.

Key proposals include a new waterside connection to the nearby Limehouse Cut, the provision of characterful new landscape spaces and a new circulation system providing access to the outer circle of facilities, community building, and the canal whilst maintaining a determinedly generous sports area at the heart of the park.

The model was an important way of discussing intentions with local people and the client group.


the response you gave to what is a difficult site/brief was both sympathetic to the site and to the needs of the community as a whole . . well organised, coherent . . and accessible to all. . . (and) showing an intelligent design understanding of the potential of the site and an understated design approach which was absolutely in keeping with the aspirations of the local community

Bartlett Park Steering Group 2004
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1 Bartlett Park
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  1. Client: Leaside Regeneration
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