‘A practice with a considerable track record in maintaining a clear and sensitive, often rather magical, design approach on projects for public and private clients........The work shows no sign of compromise, producing surprising beauty in unlikely places’
Kester Rattenbury, Building Design


Adams & Sutherland are interested in the full experience of the built environment, the buildings we use everyday and the spaces that are often forgotten around and between them. In addition to building projects we make strategic studies in urban and landscape contexts and are adept at steering complex projects from beginning to completion.


We have won wide recognition for our tenacious and committed approach to complex projects. Significant time is invested in making careful observation and analysis of the existing and historical situation around a project, including its physical and social context. We recognise that although the result may be simple the demands may be complex, varied and conflicting and our emphasis is always on the project itself rather than a preconceived stylistic approach.


We aim to deliver the best and most eloquent response, in such a way that the change makes a real difference to the lives of those who use the space, whether it is a piece of pavement or a public building.



Recent recognition for Adams & Sutherland:


Architect of the Year 2012 Public Realm Architect Winner

New London Architecture Award 2012 Winner
(part of the Olympic Fringes team)

New London Architecture Award 2012 Commendation
(Bow Riverside)

RIBA Regional Award 2012

Elizabeth Adams has recently completed the RIBA conservation course and will be applying for inclusion on the RIBA Conservation Register




Bow RIverside